Safety to Online Gambling Websites provided by TrustScore

There has been incredible growth in the online gaming industry, and many of the best players in the industry continue to look for innovative ways to offer safe and secure gaming that keeps ahead of the gaming trends. A USA company has enhanced this aspect of internet gaming experience with the development of the TrustScore service. This highly innovative service helps online gaming companies to be able to identify visitors online, and be able to check the trustworthiness of the visitors. Online gaming companies are planning to use this system for the management of potential risk factors and offer their consumers better gaming on their online casinos. TrustScore is a very simple service that analyzes activity of visitors to a web location, it then checks in real time and then compares the visitors activity to previous online activity.

For the gaming companies to utilize this system they need to obtain permission from the consumers before any analysis can be done. The information that is gathered, regarding online activity, is obtained without any intrusion into the personal data of the player, for instance real names and banking data is never revealed.

The information that is gathered is used for the improvement of services for the players and they target bonus offers that will be specifically tailored towards the player.

Product for Lovation, Vice President, Scott Olson, commented on the TrustScore service. He said that knowing who is good and who is a risky prospect is valuable knowledge for online buisnresses. Mr Olson continued to explain that they were leverageing 8 years of data, that has been built on helping costimers to fight online fraud, with the application of sophisticated analytics that can be used with the data to determine who are good players.

Many of the online retailers will review up to 10% of their online transactions, of these reviews the vast majority of them are ultimately approved. This enables their customers to be able to bypass reviews because it recognizes the good customers, this will have a dramatic impact on operations and also the efficiency of the fraud teams.

The system is capable of saving a lot of money and time for the operators and the player. The TrustScore service is available for desktop equipment and mobile devices and the number of machines that have been analyzed is over 1.2 billion, and more than 9 billion of the transactions were for geo-location and safety searches. The system has proven to diminish banking fraud and also cyber criminal activities right at the core.