Nova Scotia $100K Research into Online Gambling

The Nova Scotia government will be spending $100,000 for research on understanding online gambling and if it might be a serious problem in the province.

The Department of Health and Wellness in collaboration with the Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and the Casino Corporation are in on the project.

The actual research is to be carried out by MQO Research, they will be conducting telephonic surveys in a search for Nova Scotians who are willing to give details about their online gambling habits.

President of the Lotteries, Bob MacKinnon, and the casino corporation, said they thought 10,000 surveys may be required to complete the work.

He said this research will help the province to understand if online gambling is a serious problem within Nova Scotia. The research will look at things, such as, player behaviour, games played and how much money is spent.

Regulation of internet gambling

Mr. MacKinnon said the research should help the province in the regulation of internet gambling, however, it was not clear how this could be achieved.

He continued that the challenge was the inability to regulate the internet, but that the province could provide more information about internet gambling to give players a greater knowledge base about the industry.

Michel Samson, who is the minister that is responsible for lotteries and casino corporation, is quite vague the provinces power regulate online gambling.

Until all data is in, only then can they begin to understand exactly how many were participating and are affected by this, that should give the provincial lottery commission as well as Atlantic Lottery a greater sense of the numbers of people who are are participating, how much they need to be concerned, and what are the next steps to be taken.

It is hoped that the work could be completed by the end of December, and the analysis of the data completed within six months.