Gambling Stories

I do not know about you, but when I refer to gambling stories, I always like to look at the positive picture, the huge casino gambling winners, jackpot winners if you were, which inspire me to a huge of my own. Obviously, I know that in most circumstances the occurrence and huge win from these gambling stories is based purely on luck, but the fact of the matter is, it gives me hope, and with hope there are great motivation that pushes me in several projects of live. In terms of gambling, it is mainly an entertainment outlet for me, one I enjoy taking part of regardless of the expense, and once I save up to have fun with - such as other people would save up for a 5-star dinner, for me, I enjoy the games, the interaction with the graphics and features, the lights, and everything else that comes with it, which via online casinos, is tons of great perks, like bonuses, comps, security and more. For this reason, I will talk about some positive gambling stories, some winners - but… I might mention a couple bad ones at the end, might.

Biggest Jackpot Winner in History

Gloria C. Mackenzie from Florida is definitely the biggest winner in history, at least to my recollection. She might have won this jackpot via the lottery, but the main point to remember here is, the lottery is pure luck too, with astronomical odds of winnings it, much, much higher than any game at any of our recommended online casinos. Not to mention you have millions of people battling off the same lottery, and thus, could have a diluted prize if several people were to win it. Obviously, in the case of our 84 year old Gloria, that would not have been an issue, considering she won a huge power-ball jackpot of $590 million dollars! You can't get anything sweeter than that in terms of a jackpot win, especially when she only spent $10 bucks risk on investment for such a huge payout! - remember, via online casinos, it is so much easier!

Mega Fortune Jackpot

This stance to be the biggest online slot jackpot win in history to date, even added to the World Guinness Records, when a 40 year old male from Helsinki, Finland won a 17.8 million EURO jackpot at the Mega Fortune video slot in 2013. Imagine that, not only within the millions reach, but Euros! True, they are currently not doing as well in terms of their value and economy, yet, they are still worth more than the dollar, so Euro me any day. This seems to be a good game considering several huge jackpots have been paid out by it; then again, the US slots do have a lot more people adding to the pool, making them much bigger, any day now! Either that or they pay out more frequently, which winning a million here, a million there… I am definitely ok with that too.

Bovada big Winners

Within the USA friendly online casinos we recommend here, we have Bovada Casino, which is actually our only multi-channel casino (meaning: sportsbook, poker room, casino site, and racebook - among other great services and products). With that said, let us look at some past winners for Bovada Casino:

  • Richard M. from NM won $12,066 playing Paradise Dreams.
  • Glenn K. from CT won $7,954 playing Caribbean Holdem Poker (a great example that big winnings do not always come from slots alone).
  • Patricia C. from VA won $7,937 playing Caesar's Empire.
  • Rose Marie M. from TX won $7,780 playing the Rain Dance game.
  • Laurel K. from CA won $5,556 playing Honey to the Bee.
  • David R. from WI won $5,536 playing the ever popular slot game Cleopatra's Gold.

  • Timothy F. from PA won $5,280 playing Reel Blood.
  • Gina P. from OR won $5,155 playing Double Double Bonus Poker (video poker win!).
  • Scott G. from AZ won $4,467 playing Rain Dance (a popular paying slot game it seems!).

Finally, and additionally, we have a forum poster by the nickname of 'yisman' who went on to play at the Bovada slots simply to complete his bonus rollover requirements (smart), and to his surprise, he actually won $3,378.75 at the 'El Luchador' slots, as a progressive jackpot. Unfortunately the jackpot had not risen to a higher amount, but just goes to show you how easy it is to win, and win big, especially at unexpected times!

SlotoCash's Rich One

Sloto Cash CasinoLike the examples above, we can show off more examples of great gambling stories with this one individual, from another of our highly recommended USA friendly internet casinos, where Gail F. from Alaska won a massive $80,075.27 jackpot with a royal flush hand playing Caribbean Draw Poker - of all casino games from a slot specific web gaming site! I am definitely sure that Gail is much warmer now in her Alaskan hometown.

Silver Oak Victors

Silver Oak CasinoSilver Oak is another top USA online casino that we are proud to recommend; from which, we will also see a few gambling stories of victorious winners. With just a $1 bet, Irma B. won a whopping $52,324.70 jackpot at the Aladdin's Wishes game! Thanks to this win, Irma was able to move her entire family of 5 to a city with better opportunities - we are glad these casino winnings helped her, but wish it were us with the money too - haha. She even mentioned how her husband and her had spent a while looking around for a good casino site, and luckily landed on Silver Oak, where they enjoyed the look and most importantly, the games. They hence joined, and do not regret it at all. Think about the time you could save by simply going through our special links and join any of our recommended casinos? We already tested and researched them, know they are winners, and thus, all you have to do is enjoy the casinos and the deals we get to you via our links!

Following suit, Catherine K. from CA won $52,628.18 while playing a top slot game, Enchanted Garden; I am sure she is enjoying every cent of it. To add to the winnings via Silver Oak, you will be surprised about this story. Mr. C from China won a smaller amount, yet nice prize at the WowPot slot game of £4,444 - unfortunately, and to our disbelieve, he refused to take the prize! Apparently the reason to his decision was the pronunciation and close connection the #4 had with the meaning 'death'; you can't battle off culture, so you go with it. Had it been the #8, he would sure have taken it as it is in close relation to the meaning 'fortune'. The casino however was working on a solution so Mr. C would not miss out on his winnings, such as paying him out in a different currency for the same total amount. We will never know as they will not disclose this information and outcome.

Money of course if fantastic to win, but not the only type of prize you could get from these fantastic casinos. Sandra and her husband for instance, won the "Win a Costa Rica Vacation" from Silver Oak, allowing them to take on their dream vacation, especially since when these casinos hand out packages like this, they do it with style, no cent saved. You will get the ultimate VIP treatment with host and representatives helping on everything from even before starting, to the very end of the experience. This includes luxury hotel and airfare, week-long perfect beaches, drinks and food; time king-fishing on a yacht, and tons more!

So, we hope you have enjoyed these great gambling stories because we thought about it, and do not want to end on a negative note. These are positive stories that we do not want to ruin with conspiracies or other people's bad experience (which happens by choosing a blacklisted casino, obviously not promoted here, doing things themselves instead of relying on great review sites like, and due to their own decisions - such as not following their budget or other). Hence, we will end here, and hope you enjoy the casino choices, and of course, your future winnings!