What are jackpots? What are casino jackpots?

Casino Jackpots will be your ultimate goal when you play at any casino online or offline. Jackpots are basically the ultimate in casino winnings for specific games. Jackpots might reference all casino games, however, the most common jackpot will be for the slots and video poker – or in other words, the video machine games.

So, as mentioned above, jackpots are the ultimate in a casino game winning – basically, when you are playing any of the casino games (those that provide jackpot winnings anyway), by hitting a specific winning combination or other, you will win their stipulated jackpot amount. Depending on the casino game, you will only have to hit the specific combination, otherwise, you will also need to wager a specific amount – for instance with slot games, you will need to wager the max amount of coins and betting on the max amount of pay lines the game has, then and only then will you be able to win the actual jackpot prize of the game; in which in most cases could be a huge 5 digit number; or, better yet, in some cases, the jackpot could be a high 6 digit number or even within the millions! Imagine you winning millions from an entertaining game, from just pennies or a couple dollars spent!

Sure, similar to the lottery, and in many cases hitting the lottery is basically winning a jackpot, but unlike the lottery, playing a casino game is actually entertaining, an activity you can be involved in, and one that takes more than simply paying for a slip of paper, but more of a soiree, a night or day out activity and one where you can have fun at – and profits by the looks of it!

Different types of Jackpots

As mentioned above, there are jackpots within different ranges of amounts, some much, much bigger than the rest; so how do you get these? Well, it depends on the specific jackpot you win, and thus the need to look into the different types of jackpots.

First off, we have the standard jackpots. These are the ones mentioned earlier where you can earn high 5 digit dollar amounts. These are offered at most games, at least, every single slots and video poker game will have it. Easy, simply play, always betting the highest wagering amount and betting lines, and you are golden to win your jackpot! Normally these are illustrated in number of coins, such as 10,000 coins or the likes, but basically, they are dollar amounts too – depending on the game, these coin amounts will multiply with dollar amounts and give you your actual winning in cash value. Make sure you check on the game details for your winnings.

From there on, we move on to the actual jackpot games we all want, where the big money is at – potentially speaking of course. These are known as progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpots are really the prize givers; these are occur at certain games only, so you will need to check that the game you are playing has a progressive jackpot available for you. So, these specific games will be tied to other games via a network or gaming software, and thus, accumulate a certain amount per wager placed by each game at each different location or online casino site – think about it as a prize pool being accumulated by the gaming software or network of the buy-in that each player makes. It is not the buying, but a certain % of the wagers placed. Still, the pool will add up quickly with the hundreds and thousands of players playing the specific games all around the world. So quickly, and so much so, that in no time, you will see these jackpots add up to high 6 figure cash value, such as $600,000 prize on one slot spin, or even millions if you are lucky and it has been a while since someone has won the progressive jackpot – it has happen, and it is bound to happen for you too! Apart from these 2 jackpots, you will see other jackpots specific to the casino or game, made up in name, but sustaining the same ideal and rules.

Make sure you look for the jackpots in the US friendly online casinos, and win your ultimate cash value prize now!