Casino Banking Methods for USA Players

In today’s day and age, it is important to know the actual online casinos for USA players where you can play at safely, eased of mind that your money will be secure, safe, and so will your private information when playing at online USA casinos. Following your choice of internet casino, you should look into the best casino banking methods for USA players as well, according to your primary goals. For instance, there are banking methods that will provide you a bit more privacy in terms of your personal transactions, others that will provide you with a faster to the point funding of your gambling account, and so forwards; so look through them all, provided and researched here, and make your choice wisely – or at least, keep them all in mind in case you would like to utilize them all depending on your betting occasion: last minute, lack of funds, and/or unapproved transactions / methods. Let us look through some of the most popular USA banking methods then:

Credit Cards

Credit Cards (CC) are definitely the most popular banking methods within the United States; they are reliable, easy to carry without the need of adding weight to your wallet and/or purse, and of course, safer to carry around since all it takes is a call to the credit card company, and you can get the card blocked and your funds returned if needed. In terms of using credit cards for your online casino account, you can use VISA, MasterCard, AMEX (American Express), and in some cases, DiscoveryCard.

Within these choices, AMEX and DiscoveryCard will be the hardest choices to come upon, and as you might be aware by your personal purchases, they have the highest transaction fees or other.

Regardless of the Credit Card that you pick, be aware that in some cases your card will not be approved or will not go through for a successful deposit. It is not a personal matter; it falls upon the choice of your bank or financial institution that provided the CC to you. Basically, some financial institutions do not like their cards used at online casinos, especially bigger institutions; hence, if this happens, just try another card and another card until it goes through; do not try the same card over and over in hopes of it going through, if by the second try it does not, it will then not work and it is time to move on to another card of banking method.

Our recommendation is to use credit cards from smaller financial institutions as they have shown to have a much higher acceptance rate in terms of successful deposits right away.

Additionally, you can open a foreign bank account and acquire a credit card from that financial institution. These will also have higher success rates as foreign institutions are more lax about online casino transactions.

Try to deposit at:


Checks, as you know them, are simple banking methods used solely as a withdrawal method. In most cases you will only be allowed to withdraw up to $3,000 per week, per check. Hence, $3K per week, but bear in mind that online casinos usually only grant the 1st withdrawal as a free cashout, all the rest do carry a fee with them.

Additionally, some USA casinos will not send out funds in USD currency – most will, but some might have issues to do so, and will have provide you with CDN and/or EURO currency. You can either have additional currency accounts at your bank, foreign accounts, or simply deposit the check in your USD account as it will be converted appropriately.

Casinos with Checks:

ACH – Direct Deposit

Rare, but some USA online casinos will have direct deposit options as both a deposit and withdrawal option. Simple, just add your checking and/or savings account information into your gaming account and you will be able to perform quick and safe transactions back and forwards.

Top ACH Casinos

E-Checks and Debit Cards

E-checks and debit cards are another rare option nowadays, but an also available option in certain online casinos for USA players. E-checks are electronic checks, which is another way of making simple transactions from your bank account directly to your gaming account. E-checks are actually more common than debit cards, but debit cards is another option, which like credit cards, you simply need to input your card information into your gambling account and you will be set to make some direct, quick and safe deposits.

Debit Cards accepted here:

Western Union, Money Gram, Money Transfers and Rapid Transfers

Both Western Union and Money Gram are known as wire transfers, and both are 100% guaranteed in your deposit success. Many online casinos for USA players offer these now, but some might only provide these options for VIP players or others, so be sure, regards of whether these options are promoted or not, that you contact the casino’s customer service to be sure and/or to be provided with the information for this successful deposit method, and one with higher privacy options too. Similarly we have Money Transfers and Rapid Transfers which are made from a local retail outlet where you can make a deposit from. First, you must contact your online casino for further details.

Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards

Gift Cards and Prepaid Cards are all the same in the sense that you can purchase these over the counter, at stores and/or even from foreign countries when you have gone there for tourism and travels, allowing you to keep private in regards to your transactions with regards to your bank, as well as provide you with higher deposit success rates than traditional credit cards would.

In terms of casino banking methods for USA players these are it, but at times, you might find other methods such as ewallets like PicClub, where you would only need to deposit at PicClub, and from there within your PicClub account, over to your casino account; easy, fast and safe, however, with a fee tied to it. There are other rare options out there, but it really varies according to the casino you are playing at, so just keep that in mind when depositing and/or withdrawing from your gaming account.

On another note, consider setting up foreign bank accounts too as those might facilitate things for you too – might.