Flash Casinos

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? To our mind, US players benefited from joining online casinos because these casinos were the first to offer Flash play. Instead of having to download the software when they joined, players were able to utilize instant flash. Thus, flash casinos became all the rage. You could play more than 60+ games on your browser; select those you really like; test them; then go on to play for real money once you joined. Flash casinos for US players became the “in” thing, and there are more online casinos that offer Flash play then ever before. Not having to download the entire casino allows a player to utilize their memory for better use, and that better use is playing via Flash. From the get-go, US casinos understood the need for flash play. They knew that if a player was able to check out certain casino games on their browser, without having to download the entire casino, they would certainly have more reason to join. And that’s exactly what happened. The majority of online casinos for US players offer Flash Play, and what better way to pick and choose a casino than to have the ability to play whatever game you’re interested in without having to join. To their benefit, some US Flash Casinos even offered a no deposit stipend so that players could use that money to play the games for real money in flash. We salute these flash casinos for having the foresight to know their players and to implement flash play across the board.