Online vs. Land Based Casinos

Casino gaming is one of the most entertaining activities out there, and one that actually has potential to pay out profit, which is a fantastic bonus to it. The games are entertaining, the atmosphere is electrifying, and the lifestyle is just as enticing as what you see on Hollywood movies for rich, glamorous lives. For most people, there are no other options for casino playing and gambling that going to an actual land based casino, however, thanks to technological advancements we now have the ability for online casinos and with the same or more perks.

True, we all have heard of horror online stories related to scams, hackers, and much more, where online, without that face to face interaction, just makes it a tad scary. So why use online casinos vs. land based casinos which already have a great atmosphere to enjoy and win at?

Land Based Casinos Pros

Land based casinos are the classics, what most people are used to, and also, depending on the city and location, a field trip of sorts with your friends, family, and just a great place for some good old fun. Vegas for instance remains an all-time favorite for most people, regardless of their age, gender, background and so forwards. It is a city in the desert of Nevada, USA, which is formed mainly from casinos, but not just any casinos, monster casinos the size of several city blocks – huge buildings with a life within them; shopping malls, theaters, live shows and music events, clubs, bars and restaurants, hotel rooms to the hundreds, outdoor space for huge swimming pools and other, and still, they will have room for an enormous casino floor with all the casino games you could imagine and want, including poker, tournament areas, and even a sportsbook area for your sports betting needs and desires.

These locations are basically a haven for all who are looking for a good time at the tables, at the slots, and at any of the numerous other activities, such as top of the line clubs to party at all night long. Needless to say, playing at a land based casino has the ultimate perk of the atmosphere; tons of people, siren and lights all over the place, socializing with your neighbor and playing with your friends and family, having a drink, and just enjoying this trip and adventure.

Additionally, you will get some great VIP treatment from the casinos the more you play. You could either be a high roller, or have accumulated a great deal of casino points (via their casino loyalty cards, which are free) enough to get special treatment like a night at one of the suites, limo ride for free, free tickets to one of their shows, or even table service at one of their VIP clubs – within other perks and comps. If you are not one that plays much for these perks, you will still enjoy the life there, and the fact that you can get free drinks as long as you are playing at any of their games, sportsbooks, slots, poker, etc; stand-up, take a break, and go explore more with your buddies, go to some acts, the pool, etc. Good times at land based casinos.

Online Casinos Pros

Online casinos do not stay behind however; they bring to you great benefits, such as convenience. That is right, online casinos provide a huge degree of convenience since you can play and gamble from practically anywhere in the world. You could be in bed in your pajamas, in transit to work, at work (hidden from your boss), in the bathroom, at school, in a different city, from your computer and / or from your mobile device, etc. Basically, you have the freedom of entertainment anywhere and at any time. You will safe lots of money too since you do not have to transit to the casino or fly there in case there are none near you.

Privacy and playing at your own pace is another perk, since you have full control of everything. You can bet and read about the game as you play without feeling lower or slower than the rest at the table, because you are at your own place, playing privately and anonymously, hence gaining a sense of peace and tranquility while enjoying yourself at the casino games.

Safety is a big thing too since you do not have to travel to the casino, nor carry with you large amounts of money or other. Plus, these online casinos have great software and security measures to prevent hacking or similar issues.

Quality and numbers; you will be happy to enjoy updated games with top of the line quality and graphics, which are easier to keep up that actual machines. Plus, you might even find a larger variety of games, all at the touch of your fingertips.

Lastly, you will certainly enjoy their perks, which are much bigger and vast than land based. Considering their overhead costs are lower, you will be able to enjoy from numerous bonuses of free cash, such as welcome bonuses, match bonuses, bonuses for your birthday, seasons, or holidays, and more! Not to mention additional comps like free spins, free cash, travel packages for you and your family, and much more!

Land Based Casino Cons

As you can image, after ready the pros for online casinos, land based casinos do have their cons, such as sometimes being out of the way. Having to drive, or fly there, get a hotel, and spend on drinks and food when you are not gambling, it will all certainly add a dent to your wallet in case you did not leave the casino with some winnings.

The entire experience might be fun, but also has the risks of getting into accidents or being mugged if you hit a big win, thus safety becoming a point of consideration too.

The games might encounter some lags due to the difficulty of replacing actual machines or people, which add to the overall overhead; hence a reason for their limited comps and perks for you, unless you are a VIP, but not everyone can be one unfortunately. This also translates to smaller jackpots and winnings due to the overhead.

Privacy, the cigarette smoke (especially if you are not a smoker or pregnant), the noise, and fast-pace games might also throw you off your game, causing you some loses and hence, being a big con over land based casinos.

Online Casinos Cons

Unlike offline casinos, online casinos do not have as many cons, at least not in my mind, and at least not currently. Some of the cons however that might arise are the lack of the lively atmosphere; after all, you are at your home playing, and not an actual location with noise and people to be-friend. You can’t really stand up and head over to the club, restaurant, shopping or shows meters away.

Apart from that, maybe, just maybe, and depending on the internet casino (it has to be really crappy and untested, or new, which we only promote the best, so nothing to worry about), they might shut down or have technical and security issues. Once again, nothing to worry about considering the USA casinos displayed here.

Overall, both land based and online casinos have their perks and fun, but ultimately, if you are looking for the highest value option, then you should considering the online gaming world as your route.