A New Look At The Ancient Theme In Cleopatra's Slots

Ancient Egypt is an interest for many people and it is a central theme for many of the most popular slot games at online casinos. These games can be free play or fun play and they are also great games to play for real wagers offering free spins, bonus games, multipliers and all the features that players love.

With Cleopatra's slots, there is the best of both worlds. Players can take advantage of amazing artwork on the reels, great sound effects and lots of action while also enjoying some top winning possibilities.

Games to Enjoy

There are several different slots feature Cleopatra and a host of iconic images from ancient Egypt. Some of the most popular include Cleopatra's Gold, Cleopatra's Pyramid Slots and the Eye of Ra Slots.

Each of these slots offers different features and winning options. They offer a top wagering range from a low of just a penny per line and per spin to up to maximum bets of a hundred dollars or more per spin. Some games, such as Cleopatra's Gold Slots, are progressives, which means you may also find yourself with a very substantial treasure should your spin of the reels trigger the progressive win.

Playing Cleopatra's Slots

These video slots are very simple to play and everything is fully automatic. All winning combinations will be displayed on the reels and the amount added to your bank account at the casino.

Wagering will include simply scrolling through the coin size amounts, the number of coins per line and the number of lines to play per spin. Generally, as a good guideline, playing maximum bet or all lines is always the best option, particularly as winning is based on wager amount.

Options to Consider

All video Cleopatra's slots will include amazing graphics, but you will find differences between the games. Some offer images that become animated in winning combinations, which is a nice touch to the enjoyment of the slot experience.

Bonus games and free spins will automatically occur during the game with the respective winning combinations. The bonus games are typically pick games, giving you the opportunity to earn coins, multipliers or other rewards.

While winning possibilities are a key factor for playing any of Cleopatra's slots, the wonderful graphics, sound effects and the overall theme of the games are also a big draw. Try out these slots at your favorite casino; you will have no problem finding a favorite to add to your online slot playlist.