Draft Kings Has Cut Ties With Poker

DraftKings the Daly Fantasy Sports company has ended their partnership with the World Series of Poker, over the rising questions of whether Fantasy Sport is considered gambling.

Recently DraftKings advertising presence was very prominent at the World Series of Poker events, and they offered exclusive World Series of Poker branded contests which awarded winners free entries into the final poker tournament.

With law enforcement and regulators moving in on several fronts by scrutinising the daily Fantasy Sports industry, DraftKings decide that its was best to distance themselves from poker, as its considered to be gambling and heavily regulated in the Untied States.

Questions have been asked after Fantasy companies began offering million dollar prizes and daily competition offerings plus other games that closely resemble gambling.

DraftKings have also stopped their offering free entries to the final poker tournament to contest winners. Fantasy Player Max Steinberg, one of nine poker players to compete for the $7.68 million prize next month, won his free entry through a DraftKings league that has an entry fee of $27. Steinberg has throughout the event worn the DraftKings logo but is now no longer affiliated with DraftKings.

DraftKings was television’s top advertiser when a commercial was shown every minute and a half during the week that lead up to the N.F.L. season, according to iSpot.tv, who tracks television advertising. Since then, the industry has been under the spotlight, and investigators looking at whether employees, who might be armed with inside information, had exploited paying customers.