The Changing Look Of Online Casinos

Anyone who has been involved in online casino play has noticed the continual change in the features, graphics, animations, game choices and even in the casinos themselves.

Originally, online casinos were designed more in keeping with a collection of games in one location, mostly focusing on slots, video poker and other types of similar offerings for online players. Then, casinos began introducing realism into the games, developing live dealer options and making a real effort to make the online casino experience more like a traditional in-house casino.

Changes in Real Casinos

However, it isn't just online casinos that are changing, the actual brick and mortar casinos are noticing a drop in gamblers and gambling, largely due to the types of online games that Millennials have grown up playing.

Players want to see interactive games, the role play and simulation types of games that have amazing graphics and the ability to be immersed in the play. Compared to these games the traditional slots at the casino and even the more advanced video slots online are far behind in the overall immersive experience.

The Response

For actual casinos in Las Vegas, the switch to a variable payout slot rather than a constant payout means that games can include skill elements that develop this interactive theme. This is a good mix of the elements that sustain interest in those interactive video games as well as the element of traditional casino games.

Online casinos already have the edge on this technology, and many of the gaming manufacturers are producing platforms to support these more hybrid types of slots. They include not just the better "gaming" elements, but also the social interaction possible through games such as Halo, Grand Theft Auto or the ever popular war-themed Call of Duty series.

Virtual Reality

To go deeper into the actual interactive experience, there are already online casinos offering virtual reality or VR technology. Gamers can choose their avatars, talk to others and even interact with casino staff in a virtual casino environment.

These casinos are also poised to be able to offer the new hybrid VR, video, and traditional types of wagering games. Other types of multi-player games from poker to card games to chess and board games may be just around the corner.

Of course, working out how these games will work on multiple devices, and how in-app play will differ from computer play, continues to be a focus. There are a few VR casinos offering these games online, but it remains to be seen if they offer the draw that gives these casinos the leg up over the competition.