Try Multi-Hand Blackjack Online Today!

As a gamer in the online space, you’ll be happy to know that Multi-Hand Blackjack has finally landed at the famous Bovada Casino. As a derivative of one of the most popular table games of all time in Twenty-One, this one is sure to draw the crowds because of the competition and chance at large payouts. Simple and straight to the point, Multi-Hand provides you with a gaming atmosphere that some say is triple the fun; first of all, you can play a total of three hands per round – as opposed to Twenty-One, where there’s just the single hand per round.

More Details on Multi-Hand Blackjack at Bovada Casino

There isn’t much new that you have to learn to really get into this game. Just be apprised of the rules in the six-deck variant, and you’re well on your way to winning the jackpot after triple the action. Just wager the amount you want to bet at the beginning of the round, for each of the available hands, and hit “Deal” on your mobile device or desktop. You can repeat this action for a second hand, or opt for the “Stand” button to see what happens. There’s also a “Double Down” option that’s a good bet unless you can split equal cards; then, of course, the “Split” button is an option. The other options are Surrender, which you use the same as you do with regular blackjack; you aren’t very confident in how your hand will stand up to what the dealer has. If you have some idea of what he has, then Insurance is an option. The beauty of Multi-Hand is that you can choose different options for each hand you’re playing, so that a loss down one avenue doesn’t mean you’re out of the game. Get a total that’s higher than the Dealer’s total but under the magic number of 21, and you’re golden! Head over to Bovada Casino to try your hand at the multiple avenues of success offered by Multi-Hand Blackjack today.