Games Banned From Video Sweepstakes in North Carolina

Video sweepstakes games are banned in the state of North Carolina. However, this was never enforced and casinos or gaming houses could get around this.

About the Supreme Court Ban

It is likely that this will be enforced with a recent Supreme Court ruling that will give more power to law officers. They can now enforce the banning of companies and places that offer residents the ability to play online for cash. This was done at many Internet cafes throughout the state. It is important to note that the level of enforcement will vary between cities within North Carolina. However, enforcement of the ban will have a negative effect on the many places that previously allowed players to indulge in video gaming and sweepstakes. Other places such as the Royal Palace Theatre has already removed these cash games and will replace them with other ones.

Closing Down

A sweepstakes cafe nearby was not so lucky. They have had to remove their video poker machines. Gaming cafe owner, R. Morton said he was not looking forward to the loss of revenue. In the end, Mr. Morton believes that his business will have to close down because of the enforcement on the video gaming and sweepstakes ban in this state.