Casino Sucker Bets

When playing at online casinos or offline casinos too for that matter, any game really is a sucker bet, in terms of the casino, or the house as you might be used to hearing it being referred to, always wins – basically, they do not always win, there are numerous accounts of winners and fantastic fairy tale stories of huge winners and life changers with even millions of dollars in jackpots or other; however, the casino games are manufactured and created with a higher edge for the ‘house’, so they tend to win more often (thus why they are still in business too). So, in that sense, every game is a sucker bet, of sorts, but they are all entertaining as hell, and provide huge potentials to earning a great payout in life! Nevertheless, there are certain bets and wagers as well as certain casino games you should try to avoid, as they are clearly the top in terms of casino sucker bets, the worst of the worst in terms of your probabilities to win or even just break even. Let us take a look through some of these:


Keno is known as a specialty game and one that is pretty much like lottery. You will notice this game in pretty much any USA online casino, but unfortunately, even though it has a better edge than state lotteries, it still remains the one with the highest casino edge of 25% to 29% more or less – meaning you will lose $0.25 - $0.29 cents per dollar wagered. Now, even though it does have the worst edge of all casino games, it still remains one where you might not spend too much if betting only 1 wager at a time, and with the time it takes, in terms of speed, it might not be the worst sucker bet out there – then again, you could be a lucky huge winner in Keno, which does pay out big winnings, when it does.


Craps is an extremely entertaining game, and one that takes a bit of learning before playing too; however, this is the party table, the one where spectators can chip-in for some wagering as well while you roll the dice. If you stick to bets such as Pass, Don’t Pass, Place on 6 or 8, the Pass line, Come and Don’t Come, then you will come upon low house edge of 0.02% up to 1.4% more or less. However, if you move on to center bets and any Seven bet, then you will right then and there increase the house’s edge up to 17% more or less (less more likely – rounding up here). In terms of speed, it does not go fast, so depending on the amounts being wagered, you might not lose too much, however, players usually bet quite a bit in this game, and thus the perfect definition of a casino sucker bet.

The Wheel of Fortune

Not a very popular game on itself… at least not online; you might see it more at land based casinos. It is a very tempting game to play: easy and in relation to TV shows where we all feel we should be part of. However, this game will have a house edge of up to 24% where you will not likely get your money back nor make a nice profit from either. Trust us, it might look tempting, but it will be a big disappointment.


Unfortunately, to many people’s thoughts, slot machines, especially progressive jackpot slot machines (those with the million dollar potential jackpot winnings), have pretty high house edge of up to 17% more or less – depending on the casino and / or gaming software too. Tempting and entertaining, I know, but unfortunately, the fact of the matter is they are a casinos’ best game for a reason, they love the profits it makes them. Adding to their house edge, there is the fact of their clever features within the game, such as auto spinning and jackpots and bonus games only triggered when you bet the max amount of coins and pay lines, making your betting go so much faster and in huge amounts within a short period of time. If you are going to play slots, make sure you choose those with the lost house edge, or in other words, with the highest casino payout percentage. For online casinos, just ask for the payout percentage for those slot games you are interested in, as for offline casinos, check out the slot machines closest to the entrance (used to lure players in with their sirens as they have higher payout percentages; pay out more often).


To be more specific, betting on ‘tie’ within Baccarat has a house edge of 14% more or less; and playing mini-baccarat is even a worst choice, as it is a much faster game, a game of speed, and thus, a game where you end up losing lots purely due to how many decisions you wager on.


One of the best casino games and with good odds too, however, when it comes to purchasing the “insurance” bet, then that is when it becomes a casino sucker bet. The ‘insurance’ in blackjack is a bet all good blackjack players avoid, and you should too, since it really does not provide you with much opportunity, and just more losing, with an up to 7.5% house edge on it versus just 1% with blackjack alone.


In terms of roulette, stick with the French roulette or the European roulette as oppose to the American version. Why? Quite simple really, the American version has a zero and double zero on the wheel, increasing the house edge simply by that extra number alone. It is not much of a sucker bet really, but why gives more of an edge to the casino when you could play to win more money with the other roulette versions? Simple choice really, and one you should follow with this popular table casino game.

We could probably continue in terms of casino sucker bets here and there, but these are some of the most popular and casino wagers you should definitely consider staying away from. They are entertaining however, so if you do decide to play these games, make sure you keep a proper budget and money management in mind so you do not lose much in terms of speed and / or house edge. Best of luck at the games!