Slot Tournaments

Online slots are among the most popular casino games thanks to their great graphics, sounds, featured promotions and bonuses with special games included, as well as the huge money jackpots you could potentially win and take home with you. They are definitely entertaining games where time will just fly by; however, for some players, it is just not enough.

This was a perfect reason for casinos and gaming software companies to listen to their clients, and deliver on their desires and request, by providing an extra level of excitement to video slots, and hence, creating slot tournaments for all USA players online.

Lincoln Casino Still Rocks

There’s a lot that goes on with a successful online casino. You need a special slate of games, generous promotions, a well of banking options and an attentive customer support staff. All of this and more, helps to sum up the prowess of Lincoln Casino. One of the original online casinos, Lincoln Casino continues its dominance and maintains its popularity with players from around the world.

Lincoln Casino, in tandem with Wager Gaming Technology, the sole gaming engine, offers more than hundred quality and rewarding games for its members. Fall in love with the deep well of slot games, both in five reel and three reels. Some of the hit slot games include Livin’ The Life where you get paid to live life in the virtual fast lane along with Tailgate Blitz, another five reel where you get ready for the big game. Barbecue and hang out on the virtual reels with Tailgate Blitz. Again, there is an entire section devoted just for three reel games. There is also a section for seven reel games.

Going beyond the slot games, Lincoln Casino is highly robust when it comes to table games. There is more than enough of poker games and classic blackjack games to keep you occupied. There is even American and European Roulette.

What puts Lincoln Casino in a class of its own are their promotions. There is something for everybody in this regard. New members have complete access with a welcome package up to $5,000. Veteran members have monthly, weekly and daily promotions. There is also the VIP program that pampers and spoils its most loyal members. There are many VIP levels with each level having its own set of promotions and perks. Through in many banking options, including Bitcoin, high profile tournaments and 24/7 customer support, it becomes easy to understand why, Lincoln Casino continues to be a fan favorite.

Liberty Keeps On Ringing

The patriotic colors of the red, white and blue continues to ring loud and true at Liberty Slots Casino. Having been in the online casino game for a long time, Liberty Slots Casino, continues to thrill members from around the world. They also rely on the Wager Gaming Technology engine to propel them their superior slate of slot and table games. There are many five reel wonders including, Agent Cash, where 007, James Bond, has nothing on him. Who says crime doesn’t pay? Well it certainly does when it comes to Beat The Bank Slots, another five reel gem that even includes an exciting bank vault bonus.

When it comes to the traditional three reel games, why not give a try, Haunted Reels, a spooky, fun filled game, where you get to celebrate Halloween everyday. You can also continue the festive, holiday spirit with both Turkey shoot and Turkey Time slots, two single reel slots that centers on Thanksgiving, and nice bonuses as well.

When it comes to the table games, Liberty Slots Casino rolls out the red carpet as well. There are many different variations of blackjack. There is a strong selection of fan favorite poker titles to complement, Baccarat, American and European Roulette.

Liberty Slots Casino celebrates their big winners. Whether you hit the progressive jackpot or you have done well for yourself at one of their high stakes tournaments, chances are, you will find your name in big bright lights here at Liberty Slots Casino.

There is also a well of promotions for both newcomers and veteran members alike. There are many ways for you to make your deposit, and the customer support team is always available here at Lincoln Casino.

Make Red Your Lucky Color

Lucky Red Casino is yet another fan favorite in the online casino sphere. Red is indeed the new lucky color of many online gamblers who play here thanks to the superb selection of slot and table games, powered by Real Time Gaming. There are hundred of visually stunning games awaiting your approval and gaming pleasure. Some of the popular slot games are Bubble Bubbles and Bubble Bubbles 2, where the lovely Winnie The Witch awaits to cast your winning spell.

Continue your life of crime with Cash Bandits and Cash Bandits 2. Help the master bank robber stay one step ahead of the determined law enforcement, plundering one lonely bank vault after another, which leads to even larger cash and prizes. Lucky Red Casino doesn’t hold back when it comes to the table games, especially when it comes to poker. In fact, there is an entire section just for video poker.

When it comes to the promotions, it’s hard to beat the 400% welcome package for your very first deposit. For veteran members, there are many daily promotions for both slot and table games. With many ways to bank, including Bitcoin, Lucky Red Casino continues its dominance in the online casino world.

Slots Are In At Sloto Cash Casino

Sloto Cash Casino together with Real Time Gaming, continues to make and deliver, online casino gold thanks to an unrivaled entourage of slot and table games, lucrative promotions and a multitude of banking options.

When it comes to the games, it’s hard to beat their brand of slot games the likes of Achilles, which centers on the legendary demigod who fought and died in the epic, Trojan war. The battle for Asgard rages on with Asgard Slots, where the all father, Odin must guide his god children. Explore and enjoy the heavenly awards in this five reel, visual spectacle. Body slam and pin your opponents in the is widely popular Lucha Libre and Lucha Libre 2.

When it comes to the promotions, keep an eye out for the unlimited cash back bonus. Making a deposit, will be no problem here. You can use the traditional credit cards including Visa and MasterCard. There are e wallet services like Neteller and Skrill. With many avenues to find the help you need and a dedicated customer support staff, slots are definitely in at Sloto Cash Casino.

Take It To The Max With Casino Max

Take your slot games to the max with Casino Max, a relatively new, online casino that packs a powerful punch when it comes to slot and table games, generous promotions and many ways to bank. Thanks to the online powerhouse, Real Time Gaming, you can knock yourself out, with five reel wonders like Cai Hong, which celebrates the Asian god of prosperity. There is also a strong presence made by Jackie Chan who has a string of slot games including Fire Dragon, Eagle Shadow Fist, and Fantasy Mission Force.

Casino Max does not disappoint when it comes to the table games neither. There is a strong compliment of blackjack and poker games waiting for you at Casino Max. As soon as you make your first deposit, things get taken to the max with a welcome package in the form of an extra MasterCard bonus that can add up to a 200% matching bonus.

Speaking of making your deposit, Casino Max, in addition to Visa and MasterCard, offers Neteller Skrill and Bitcoin as banking options. And for any questions, the customer support team is standing by through live chat, anytime you need them.

How To Play Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments, as mentioned before, are an option for those with a competitive nature to win the title of the tournament as well as an option to further earn from a slot machine with the pot that the casino and / or the tournament buy-in adds to the prize pool.

Like all other type of tournaments (poker and blackjack for instance), slot tournaments provide a fixed amount of potential loss, which many players like as well – sort of a budget management tactic considering they only pay the entry fee to the tournament and they are set to play for higher profits now.

Let us get started with the steps to participate in these games. First off, you do not need any skills to play in a slot tournament, as slot games on their own are quite easy and all based on luck (from their random internal algorithm). Once you join into the game, you will be given a specific slot to play at and a specific timeframe to do so too. You will be given a set number of credits or money to play with and spin.

Normally you are given 1,000 credits to be spent, spun and played in 20 minutes. The goal is to use up all your credits within that time frame, but only 3 credits are normally consumed per spin – as opposed to other slot games where you have up to 25 pay lines for instance. The credits that you win will be placed on a scorecard aside, hence, you will not be able to use them to play further – and any credits left over from the 1,000 starting count will be lost if you do not use them all up. Basically, at the end of your first round, the casino will compare your total credits won with the rest of the other players and participants, and select the winners that way. Easy right?

How to Win Slot Tournaments

For the most part, luck if the main contributor when it comes to slot games and winning at slot games and slot tournaments. That said, you will also need speed and concentration as part of your skill-set to play a better game here.

Since you need to spend the entire 1,000 credits in a specific time frame, then you need to be clicking on fast with no time to waste, otherwise you will end up wasting good credits that your opponents might have used. So, keep your hand on the spin button or mouse over the spin button, and ready to hit it each time instead of resting your hand on your lap while the reels are moving.

Concentration as mentioned above is another skill to keep on hand when at slot tournaments. At times, you will hit bonus rounds or have to wait for the game to tally your wins, especially if you hit a big win, hence giving you a little time for a stretch of sorts, however, you should be paying attention to get back in it right away. If you lose your concentration, you might lose time to play, use your credits, and win. Additionally, avoid your emotions taking the best of you, such as if you hit a big win, do not start jumping around and celebrating – it is all valuable time you might lose by doing so, while others might be hitting the same big wins, yet concentrated enough to keep spinning.

Moreover, do not bring beverages or food to the game as that might take your concentration from the spinning, or if you had a lot previous to the start of the game, it might cause you to want to go to the bathroom and once again lose your concentration and speed.

Some players might even get bored at times and will slow down their game, which might cause their down fall, hence, be sure to be rested and sharp for the tournament. Finally, the more games you play at, the better you will do, after all, practice makes perfect, so keep playing those slot tournaments online via any of the recommended slot casinos listed here.