Depositing Methods for USA players

Choosing an online casino has become much more of a broad task than ever before especially if you are a US player where casinos and deposit methods have become more limited over the past few years.

US Player Restrictions are a Myth

Since the legislation of the Safe Port Act in 2006 many leading online casinos misinterpreted the new laws and thought that they could not offer online casinos to US players, this is not the case. There are a few restrictions depending on which state you come from or your banks are registered in but these are minimal and in fact there are many international casinos that accept and encourage US players to join. Together with this confusion regarding the eligibility of US casinos there was naturally confusion with regard to ways to deposit money at casinos that accept US players. But thankfully seasoned players are beginning to realize the vast number of different online payment methods that are available for US players and their advantages.

The EWalletXpress System of Service

EWalletXpress is the most up to date and secure method of holding an online account which acts as a third party and means you can easily deposit money in your chosen casino account without having to divulge your own personal credit card or bank details. Opening a EWalletXpress is simple and can be carried out via the eWalletXpress website by following the easy to use instructions. There is a 24 hour 7 day a week help and support team if you have any problems along the way. Once your account is open you can fund it in a number of ways from your bank account, credit card and/or a bank transfer. EWalletXpress is one of the preferred methods of deposit for casinos that accept US accounts and you can easily identify if a casino is one of these by looking for the eWalletXpress insignia and of course the US flag as an indication that US players are accepted. EWalletXpress also checks and verifies all of its users to make sure they are at least 18 years of age or over.

Direct Wire Transferring of Funds

If as a US player you are still not convinced that eWalletXpress is the most beneficial system of online payment for you, including the special bonus offers that it has with many casinos for US players only, there are other options available. Wire Transfers are safe and secure but not necessarily anonymous and you have less control of your money. It often takes at least 2-3 days for a wire transfer to clear which means that you cannot play instantly. EChecks or instant checks as they are also known are exactly as they sound, it is an electronic check that is digitally encrypted and allows you to transfer funds from your personal bank account directly to a casino. Again there is a slight delay in clearing meaning that you cannot start playing instantly.

Pay in Cash for Semi Instant Play

Western Union and the Bodog Rapid transfer MoneyGram are both very similar systems. In order to use Western Union you have to know in advance that you want to play at a casino and which one. You can enter a Western Union supporting shop or outlet and pay in cash the amount that you want to transfer to the casino, and then send the money through to the casino. It is more or less instant but there is very little spontaneity involved. The Bodog casinos rapid transfer system works in much the same way, you can give cash at a shop or outlet that shows the Bodog MoneyGram sign and transfer this directly to the casino you have chosen to play at or just send it via your bank account. None of these systems allow you to play on credit; you have to have the cash up front in order to be able to play.

The Reliable Plastic Friend: Credit Card

The last and, most obvious for many, payment system that many US casinos allow is of course by credit card. Here you are using your own personal credit card whether it is Diners club (only accepted at some casinos) Amex or of course Visa and MasterCard. If you have your heart set on a particular casino then before you attempt to join and start playing, make sure that your specific credit card is accepted so that you do not get your hopes up to find that you cannot transfer money with that card.

The market for US casinos is rapidly growing again as restrictions are being lifted and of course online casino providers are finding ways to better service the needs of their customers while staying within the restrictions. It is advisable not to just choose the first online payment method that is offered, shop around and look what is best for you. May online casinos have special offers and bonuses for using particular payment methods. And of course take into account that you will also want to make withdrawals of your winnings, and this needs to be supported too!