5-Reel Wheel of Chance Slots

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Wheel of Chance Slots if for everyone out there who loves the classic television game show Wheel Of Fortune, except now you actually get a chance to play instead of watching on TV. The game consists of 5 reels and 20 pay lines and has a bunch of great features like bonus rounds, scatter, wild symbols and free spins. Get your attention yet? If not the 500x multiplier that can be triggered definitely will. The denominations are as low as a penny and the maximum is $10, so the maximum bet for one spin if everything is maxed out is $200. Wheel of Chance Slots can be downloaded or can be played from from your web browser through flash. The incredible graphics and in depth sound alongside the great bonuses will have you coming back to play Wheel Of Chance every time.

Here's a tip, before explaining the symbols, free spins and bonus game you must understand the best way to trigger these functions and receive the largest payout is always play max wager each time, it does not have to be a 10$ x 20 lines because that would be expensive so if your not a big spender choose smaller denominations so you can max bet every spin.

Symbols further explained

The WILD Diamonds are the WILD symbol (ironic on purpose or just coincidence?) and if your lucky enough to hit all 5 of these diamonds in a sequence you receive 8,000 times your initial bet. That is some serious cash. The lovely hostess who unfortunately is not Vanna White is the scatter symbol and hitting 3 of more of these in a row will trigger ten free spins or if your lucky the 500x multiplier. It is all up to chance.

Off The Wall Bonus Games

The bonus that you always wish for when playing this game is what keeps you on the edge of your seat, this game promises 1,500 times your original bet plus while you are in your free spins if your lucky enough to get one of the scattered bonus prizes you can multiply your original wager by 24,000. Almost enough to make your jaw drop isn't it? Just remember play max credits if you can!

It is really rare to find a slot game with all these multiplier bonus features and when coming across one you almost have to try it if your already gambling. Play Wheel Of Chance Slots now to see if you can be lucky enough to get that 500x multiplier or hit 5 diamonds in a row. You never know until you try, it is all up to chance of course. Wheel of Chance is the closest you will get to playing the price is right and will keep you entertained with stunning graphics, crisp sound and great bonuses. It is very easy to see now why this game is such a favorite in Online Casinos and in real Casinos. Good luck and do not forget our tip!