Hear about the winners at Silver Oak Casino

It's always great fun to hear from some of the bigger winners at any online casino. Silver Oak Casino has an entire web page devoted to some of the luckiest winners on their website.

How easy is it to find out about the winners at Silver Oak?

It's incredibly easy! Just take a look at the menu options along the top of the page. Towards the right-hand side you will see a winners section. Click on that to access the page so you can find out more.

Look out for the winner of the week!

Every week, Silver Oak highlights one particular winner's story. So if you do win a significant amount, send in your story and you could win $100 on top of your prize! If you don't want to be featured in the video, the website states that actors can sometimes be used instead.

Check out the winners in real time at Silver Oak Casino

Another great feature of this page is that you can see in real time who is winning what. You'll see a whole host of winners scrolling up on the right-hand side of the page. The first name and initial of each winner is featured, along with the amount they won and the game they won it on.

Most of the prizes featured in this list are four- or five-figure sums, and there are plenty of them too. It may even inspire you to see if you can be as lucky as some of these players have been. One player won over $48,000 playing Enchanted Garden, while another person won just over $94,000 on the slot game Achilles! There are plenty more winners here too.

Does it help to look at the winners' list?

It may do. If you see one slot game that has paid out a significant number of times, you may want to try something else in the hope you will have a better chance of spinning a successful and winning combination. Alternatively, you may want to try that same game to see if it will be lucky for you too.

Try and win $50 in free chips

If you've won a prize recently, send in a picture of yourself to the website. If they use it, they'll reward you with $50 in free chips as well. This is another great perk to try at Silver Oak Casino.