Safari Slots

Safari Slots
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5-reel, video, bonus
African, Animals, Safari

Safari Slots is a well designed and visually creative slots game. This video slot game sports a creative safari theme. This beautifully themed game is a 5 reel , 20 pay line game that offers up to 39 winning combinations. Safari Slots is one of the latest and greatest themed slot game adventures.


The gameplay for Safari Slots weaves a plot within an African Jungle. You are on a Safari trip deep in the jungle. The symbols in the game, like in most themed slot games, are representative of the look and the feel of the game.

Awesome Graphics!

The look and feel of the Safari Slots game are further enhanced by the graphics. The game is designed to be visually appealing, as well as support the theme with its visuals. The background noises include animal sounds that one would hear while on a safari adventure, and the buttons are rocks to really tie the bow on the authentic feel.

The Stakes

The Safari Slots jackpot reaches an impressive $100,000 so there is a lot at stake if you're betting high. Like most great slot games, Safari Slots also has bonus games and wild symbol additions to the normal gameplay.

Symbols and Bonus Rounds

The wild symbol for the game continues with the theme, and comes in the form of a safari jeep. You can use the wild Safari Jeep symbol as a substitute for other symbols, in order to form a successful combination if one is needed. The bonus, or scatter symbols however, cannot be replaced with the wild symbol.

Continuing with the theme of the game, the scatter symbol is the ranger symbol. If you land on two or more scatter symbols for any pay line, it aids in the competition of a winning combo. However if you are lucky enough to received three or more scatter symbols, then you will be the recipient of the Safari pre-feature that comes with 15 free spins.

Safari Pre-Feature

The Safari pre-feature shakes things up a bit. Scatter symbols will replace all normal symbols that you see on the reels. In this mode, reels will start off from an extended spin, with the option to stop them at any time by pressing the "stop the reels button." You've got 20 seconds to do this. Once you press the button, and the reels stop, you must have scatter symbols on at least reels 1-3 to continue. If you don't get this, no worries, the feature simply stops and you go back to playing the normal Safari Slots game. If you're lucky enough to get it however, you receive free spins.

The Camera Bonus

One of the bonus games is triggered by the camera symbol. If you get a certain amount of consecutive cameral symbols on your reels, a bonus game is activated.

The bonus game consists of you randomly receiving one of two symbols, A paw print, or an animal symbol. A paw print is bad, it means you were unsuccessful, what you want is to keep getting the animal symbol.

Good Betting Range

The betting process gives a nice range. The coin denominations for Safari Slots range from one cent to ten dollars.

Play Safari Slots!

Safari Slots is a great game. It's visually excited, has extensive bonus features and extra story lines, and it provides for some enticing game play. Safari Slots is another great game for everyone. Go check it out today, and go on a Safari Adventure that will hopefully end in a nice pay day.