True Illusions Slots

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3D, 5-reel, video

Step into the grand illusion with True Illusions Slots. Nothing says slot machines and a Vegas mindset like stage magic! True Illusions boasts a magician for you to interact with, gorgeous assistants, birds and cards, and even the magician's magical hat. All these tricks are part of the journey on the way to earning your rewards with True Illusions Slots. Read on to find out more about this exciting 3D slots game from Betsoft.

The Gameplay and Basic Mechanisms

True Illusions is a splendidly entertaining 30-line, five reel slot machine game with symbols and gameplay revolving around its main magical theme. True Illusions is a Betsoft 3D slot machine, meaning that like the rest of them, this Betsoft title comes paired with exemplary graphics, high quality sound, and great animations.

Aside from the eye candy derived from playing the game itself, True Illusions Slots has the ever watchful magician poised to the side at all times. You'll see him standing on his stage and even doing a handful of tricks to keep you entertained, adding to the magical element of the game. The magic doesn't end there though, as every time you score a win from one of your spins the magician will perform one of his numerous trademark tricks for you.

True Illusions follows a popular pattern of paying in smaller payouts but more often, rather than larger payouts with less frequency. Hitting three handkerchiefs results in a payout of fives coins for each coin wagered on that pay line, hitting five handkerchiefs results in a bump to 25 coins per coin wagered per pay line.

The Symbols of True Illusions Slots

In keeping with the magical theme of True Illusions slots, the symbols throughout the game are a representation of the world of magic and the magician's set of essential tools and tricks of the trade.

Aside from the aforementioned handkerchief, True Illusions Slots also features the magician's hat, his crystal ball, and a bird as low-level symbols. But they won't leave you with just those, as you need bigger payouts too. Enter the coin trick, the guillotine, and the mysterious magicians chest! All wonderful additions to the game, but we can't forget the best symbol of all and the one resulting in the games largest payout, the magicians assistant. Hitting five magicians' assistant symbols will earn you 500 coins. If you wager a full bet of five coins at the maximum of $0.50 each then you're looking at $1,250 on just one pay line.

Wild Symbol and Special Features

As a quality 3D slots game True Illusions would be incomplete without a wild symbol and a set of special features to keep the player on their toes. First there is the wild symbol (identified simply by the world 'wild'), which is of vital importance in relation to one of the primary special features.

The wild symbol comes stacked as a 3 pack, and you're able to land all three wilds on your reels, the center reel will be wild for that spin. In addition, the magician will lock his assistant into the center reel, this will keep the stacked wilds in place for a maximum of seven spins total.

Not to be counted out, the magician himself is of course also a symbol. He acts as the scatter symbol for True Illusions. This scatter symbol doesn't come with bonus points in and of itself; it does however activate a free spins mode allowing you more opportunity to collect winnings.

Last but not least, True Illusions slots features a bonus game. It's called "Pick a Card, Any Card" and it's activated when you land three or more of the card symbols anywhere on your reels. You'll be given a choice of the magician's cards, but don't worry, no matter which one you choose you'll be getting a bonus. This bonus game leaves a bit to be desired.

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True Illusions Slots holds a certain level of simplicity that many will love while at the same time being a quality entry from Betsoft with just enough eye-candy to go around and mix-it-up features to keep it interesting. Go play True Illusions Slots now!