Reign of Gnomes Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video

The Hobbits go well beyond The Lord Of The Rings. They have now entered the fabled world of Revolver Gaming's Reign Of Gnome Slots.

About The Game

Reign Of Gnome Slots is an animated, 3D slot that comes in 5 reels along with 243 pay lines. The theme of this unique game, takes you into a journey straight to inner earth where the Gnomes reside. All the icons all reflect the elusive and captivating world of the Gnome, where the wild symbol is based on the official game wild. It will only fall on the second, third and fourth reels and it will replace all the other icons except for the scatter icon.

The scatter icon is represented by the dragon's egg. This mighty icon, is instrumental to launching the free spins bonus round by managing to get a trio of the egg to land. Furthermore, you will earn 4,000 coins. And if you are still in the free spins bonus round, the golden wheel bonus will appear at the onset of every free spin. Additional bonus games can also be be enjoyed from this exclusive bonus section, the likes of the ice diamonds bonus where yo must unearth 8 diamonds among the stones to receive your prize. The diamond level contains five unique and different tiers. The other benefits from the golden wheel icon features a winning multiplier that can range between 3 times to 6 times to go along with extra wild features.

The other symbols include men and lady gnomes, a child gnome, a gnome brandishing a sword, a gnome wearing a hat, along with and the playing card numbers, aces, kings, queens, jacks and tens. Regular game play wins are based on getting three of a kind to land on the pay line. The highest paying symbol is represented by the official game logo. If you manage to land all five on the pay line, you will receive 5,000 coins.

Reign Of Gnomes allows you to place wagers on your own or place them in advance through auto play mode. There is an info button where you can instantly go over icon values. There is also a menu button that allows you to tweak popular game settings and functions. Reign Of Gnomes is designed for maximum impact and enjoyment for both desktop and mobile device users to play right in the palm of their hands, either directly online or downloaded to their preferred mobile device.