Are You Tempted to Chase the Cheese?

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4-reel, video, progressive
Food, Animals

Check our Chase the Cheese and you'll see a slot game that looks very different to the ones you might be used to.

How many reels and paylines will you find in Chase the Cheese?

This fun game has four reels in play and nine lines in total (which may not be immediately apparent from the game screen).

What can you bet on the slot game?

You can start off with two cents per line and increase that to a dollar if you prefer. You also have the option to play a single coin per line, or to choose from two, three, four or five coins per line.

What special symbols are in use?

The wild icon literally uses the word wild, so you can't miss it. The bonus icon is the Chase the Cheese logo. There is no scatter symbol in this game, but there are additional symbols that can win other prizes.

For example, the jackpot symbol is worth looking for, as four of these on a payline you have bet on will win you the jackpot.

Does Chase the Cheese have a bonus round?

It does, and you need to get four Chase the Cheese logos on a payline to go through to that round. In this round you will control the mouse and you have to collect as much cheese as you can before heading for the mouse hole. You have a time limit in which to do this, and if you don't make it in time you'll fail to win anything, so make sure you get there in time!

This is very different and more refreshing than some games, which only let you click on certain things to see what you win. However, other bonus rounds usually leave you with some kind of prize. It's possible in this one not to win anything at all.

Download and play Chase the Cheese now!

Chase the Cheese offers up a progressive jackpot as well as the chance to win regular line prizes. The current total is displayed on the left side of the screen. With this as an extra prize to shoot for, Chase the Cheese is a great and fun game to try out.

With fewer lines than you might be used to, Chase the Cheese is still a lot of fun. It might be just the different type of game you've been looking for, so why not take a look now?