Will A Switch in Time Bring You Good Luck?

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5-reel, video, i-slots

A Switch in Time - hmm, is this a game about time travel? Indeed it is, and it's well thought through as well, with lots of good symbols that are relevant to the theme. The cartoons used in the game have a classic look about them that fits well with the game itself, as you'll soon see.

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How many reels and paylines are in this game?

There are five reels in A Switch in Time, and 20 paylines for you to bet on.

What can you bet on it?

The default coin value is 0.10 but you can reduce this to just 0.01 if you like. Conversely you can go the other way and bet as much as 0.25 per coin if you wish. You also have the added perk of betting between one and 10 coins on each line.

Which special symbols can you look out for during game play?

The wild symbol is an hourglass. This multiplies any win with a wild involved by 2x your bet. If you are playing free spins, this multiplier will increase to 3x your bet. The wild also expands when you are playing the free spins round.

Look for the girl and the mirror too, as she can trigger the free spins for you. These all have different multipliers attached depending on how many spins you get and how many of the symbols you get to begin with. For example, three symbols wins 12 free spins and you get a 3x multiplier. This increases to a 6x multiplier with 45 free spins, won with four symbols. Five symbols bring a massive 9x multiplier with an amazing 78 free spins.

Oh, and these perks all change depending on which area of the game you are in. These spins relate to the past…

Does A Switch in Time have a bonus round?

Yes, it does, and you need three time machines to unlock this round. The bonus round will vary too, depending on where you are in the game. You can find the past, present and future parts of the game at various stages.

As such, you could find yourself up against a T-Rex, taken to the future, or fighting against an invasion of cyborgs!

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We loved this particular game, especially as there are different 'episodes' involved. Give it a try and see how far you can get as you speed through time.