Gladiator Slots

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5-reel, 3D, video
Ancient Rome

Gladiator Slots has long upheld it's standard as a sleek and graphics led exciting slots game that has stood the test of time since its release in 2008 by Playtech. Let's take a look at Gladiator Slots and all this great mid variance slots game has to offer.

First off, Playtech, the company responsible for Gladiator Slots has long been a respected developer of online casino games. Starting in 1999 they now pull in around $500 million in revenue each year. So any entry game entry from these guys is something to certainly look at.

Gladiator Slots is a wonderfully sharp video slots game based on the movie of the same name, though Russell Crowe does not make an appearance, likely due to image rights issues. Gladiator Slots is a 20-pay line slot game, which means it offers its players an astounding 5000 times your beginning wager.

Aside from being a blast to play, Gladiator Slots also offers its players two extra bonus opportunities. Let's take a look at those in more detail.

Coliseum Bonus Round

Named after the historical venue where some of Rome's greatest spectacles took place, this bonus round can be unlocked by hitting three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels in regular play. The scatter symbols are depicted, conveniently, by Coliseum symbols.

Once you hit your scatters, the game transports you to the dungeon underneath the Coliseum. Once here you are shown a board with tablets. The first row of tablets will tell you how many free spins you have been awarded and the second row shows the bet multiplier in the play during the round, which can reach up to five times your original wager. There are still two more rows in this extra round board, but these will be harder to reach!

The third row will reveal the scatter in play during the bonus round. If you can be so lucky as to hit a scatter within the bonus then you reach the possibility of some pretty big wins.

This will bring you the fourth row of the Coliseum bonus round. This last row is the extra wild during the bonus round. If the Gladiator Emperor Symbol lands on any spot in the third reel, you are automatically awarded 3 more free spins.

Gladiator Bonus Round

If you hit the Gladiator Helmet Symbol on three or more of the five reels you are taken to the Gladiator Bonus Round. It would be best here if you were playing the "Progressive" version of Gladiator Slots as this would entitle you to a chance at winning the jackpot for the game.

Once you've reached the Gladiator Bonus Round you are taken to a screen depicting nine Gladiator Helmets. The helmets, which appear, will be made out of bronze, silver, or gold. Each precious metal will represent a different bet multiplier. You could potentially win up to 45 times your original bet as they are worth 1X, 3X, and 5X respectively. Were you to be playing the "progressive" version and have all nine helmets displayed in Gold, you would win the jackpot!

Gladiator Slots is an aesthetically competent and competitive entry from Playtech that through the years has provided more than enough entertainment to compete with some of the best video slot games out there. Go check it out now, and ask your self. Are you not entertained?