A Night in Paris Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video
Paris, Crime

A Night in Paris is another 3D Slots game entry from Betsoft Gaming. Featuring the city of love and it's sprawling lights, A Night in Paris transports you to the beauty of Paris, France as you play your way to winnings and have a fun time while doing it. A Night in Paris features an exciting theme comprised of thrilling chases and daring robberies! It also boasts some fun special bonus features to help you on your way to success in Paris. Let's take a look at the basic game mechanics for A Night in Paris.

Basic Gameplay and Game Mechanics

A Night in Paris is played on five reels and 30 lines. Throughout the game the reels are peppered with a plethora of Paris themed symbols. As with most slot games you'll be looking to match at least three of each symbol from left to right across one or multiple reels.

This Betsoft game features some nice music to accompany its players throughout the journey, rather than rely too heavily on complex visuals (such as the usual heavy handed animations featured in many 3D slot games) and sounds.

Payouts in A Night in Paris vary from modest to substantially large depending of course on the size of your bets and the symbols you hit. Some symbols in the game will payout a mere few coins, while others can earn you 1,000 coins or greater. We'll take a look at the symbols of the game more in depth now.

Symbols of A Night in Paris

As mentioned before, just as in most slot games your potential winnings vary with the symbols of the game. What is unique about this game however is its lack of a wild or scatter symbol, perhaps in the spirit of keeping it symbol just as with the music in lieu of complex visuals. Never the less the game features a troupe of interesting theme based symbols. The low-level symbols of A Night in Paris include croissants, French statues, and the Eiffel Tower. Each of these simples holds a relatively small payout, usually just a few coins. On the higher end of the spectrum you'll find the robber, the dog, a young French couple, the police. These symbols can all earn over 1,000 coins. If you land police officers for all five of your reels, you'll be looking at a payout as high as $1,250 per spin.

Special Feature in A Night in Paris

Not to have its enjoyment disconcerted, A Night in Paris does contain some special features which might help to fill the void left by the lacking wild and scatter symbols. If you are able to land the cop, the robber, and the policeman's badge between them, the thief will appear on the screen. Once this happens you simply press a button located on your screen to draw the police mans attention to the robber. The cop will arrest the robber and present you with a reward.

A Night in Paris also contains the typical free spins round, in this case activated by landing on three or more of the badge symbols on the reels. This bonus is called the "Chase Free Spins" game and gives you a number of free spins at the same stakes and pay lines you were playing when it was triggered.

One final and fitting bonus game is "Caught in the Museum." Paris is known worldwide for their museums and A Night in Paris does not forget this. If you can hit three or more of the painting symbols, you'll play along with a chase through a museum. You accompany the thief as he attempts to take as much as he can, before being ultimately discovered by the cop.

Play A Night in Paris Now

This slot game falls on the simpler side of the spectrum, however this is not totally to it's detriment. A Night in Paris is a fun game to play and offers a good amount of potential winnings even if it's being kept fairly simple. Go try out A Night in Paris now!