Top Tips for New Mobile Gaming Players

Over the past decade mobile gaming has evolved from a fun pass time into $billion industry that has millions of gamers enthralled with the quality and fun of gaming on the go. Many of the mobile casinos are playing a key role in this incredible growth by capturing the attention of players and encouraging them to spend their money. It certainly looks like this is the future of gaming, new players could use some guidance to optimise strategies when using this medium. We offer some tips to help new gamblers to this mobile platform. Online Casinos to try first are Gossip Slots Casino, Mohegan Sun Casino, Golden Cherry Casino.

A mistake many new gamers make is logging on a mobile device is not checking they are on a secure connection, this leaves them open to hackers who are always on. the prowl. Make sure that you are on a secure internet connection or on a verified wifi hotspot. Don’t leave your self open for hackers to gain access to your financial and personal details.

  • If you plan to operate multiple accounts, remembering access details or passwords can be a challenge. Its often tempting to allow your mobile device to remember these access details so you access your casino accounts with a quick click of a button. Should your mobile device get stolen, the thief has instant access to your accounts as well as banking details. There are two options to safeguard your stored information. Create an unexceptionably difficult password to copy, store it in your memory and use it cross platform for all your gaming accounts. Another option is to open account in a program like Last Pass, store all your passwords in a vault, and use your strong password to access the vault there is still a risk when using a vault program, so remember each time you use it you must log out of your vault account else you could leave it open for a thief.
  • For logging in on your mobile device make sure you have a strong password, should your phone be stolen it will give you time to change passwords of your financial institutions another important places to prevent clever hackers being able to access your phone password. Never write your password and put it in your purse or handbag, keep it in your head its the safest place.

Mobile gaming has become a new platform for hackers, you can never be too secure. Do regular checks to ensure that you have complete control over your mobile device, install a good virus/malware protection programs to keep your mobile device safe.

Now that you have your mobile secure, happy gaming.