Mac Friendly USA Casinos

There was a time when casinos were only available offline, land-based, and now, we have them online thankfully. Then came the time when the online casinos were only available for PC computers; but, time and technology have excelled, and with that, came the time where a few online casinos would be compatible for Mac, Linux, as well as some mobile devices.

Moving ahead in time, we now have a lot more options of online casinos for USA players that accept and are Mac compatible, which with the fact that Apple products are increasing in popularity and demand day after day, then this comes as a great need and desire taken care of by the internet gaming sites now. However, even though most online casinos are now Mac compatible, it does not mean that they are all good. Many of those gaming sites will have bad quality clients and service for Mac users, or compatibility issues at time too, which is why we have here a list of the top rated Mac friendly USA casinos, tested and approved to have the best service, quality products and graphics, 100% compatibility with even other Apple products, and of course, bonuses, promotions and security for your account information and money.

Mac compatible software

Finding a casino that is Mac friendly for USA players is no longer a struggle, on the other hand, most if not all casinos online will be compatible; however, as mentioned above, only a few will provide the Mac compatible software you are looking for, with great graphics, relay time, service, security, and more.

In terms of the software, it will be tough to locate any casino that provide a download client version compatible for Mac, but there are a few – with that said, the most common solution you will come across for Mac friendly casinos is an Instant Play version, also known as a web-based casino client and a Flash version casino client. This means you do not have to download any software and / or program into your computer and / or device, saving you from their routine automated updates, which at times do become rather annoying. Instead, you only have to go to your browser, go to the online casino where you already registered an account via our links for your special bonuses (eligibility via our links for those special bonuses), sign-in to your gaming account, go to the casino section and to any casino game that you are looking to play at, and just click on the Instant Play version to play it right there and then – no need to download or go elsewhere.

Additionally, the flash version casino will allow you to play the games from your account from any device, computer (including PC computers and not just Macs), and thus, not have to worry about always carrying your device with you for some entertainment. This is quite handy of course if you are traveling, at work (do not let your boss see you), internet café shops, your mobile devices or other.

Differences between Download and Instant Play versions

Are there any differences between download casino clients and Instant Play Mac friendly casino clients? The answer is it depends. Some casinos do provide a few additional games via their downloadable version, not many games and not many casinos do this, but a few. With that said the quality of the graphics, the experience, atmosphere, game features, bonuses and promotions are all the same.

As mentioned before however, the download version you will have automated updates once in a while when you open the casino client, which can become annoying or heavy on your machine, potentially slowing it a bit, especially if you have several programs and applications operating at the same time. Additionally, even though you do have the same game promotions and bonuses, the download version does at times offer cross-channel promotions and bonuses, meaning that if you are playing blackjack, you might get promotions to try out other games like slots with free spins, video poker, poker, and or even betting if they offer those choices, whereas you do not get these often via the Instant play version. However, some might like that while others might also find the promotions and advertisement on the download client quite irritating. Overall, and in my personal experience, playing on the Mac compatible versions, the flash client is just much more convenient, faster to load and play at, and equally as exciting and rewarding.

USA casinos for Mac users

Make sure you consider some of these online USA casinos if you are a Mac user, all of which provide the best service, security, games and bonuses:

We hope you enjoy these Mac friendly USA casinos highly recommended and tested before hand.