Funky Chicken Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Farm, Birds

The Funky Chicken may be an embarrassing dance that you only ever see at weddings, but it's also a hilarious video slot from Wager Gaming Technology. The theme of this game is crazy life on a farm, and it's full of oddball graphics and suitably redneck sound effects and musical clips.

If the thought of poking fun at farmers doesn't tickle your fancy, consider this. The game has a standard top jackpot prize worth up to $25,000, and the bonus feature that could push this winning as high as $375,000! Got your attention now, haven't we?

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The Lay of the Land

Playing this top-notch video slot is easy, and you should have mastered the basic controls after only a few rounds. It is, after all, a standard five reel slot.

All video slots take coins, so the first decision you need to make is what size coins you'll be playing with. Funky Chicken allows you to set the value of coin anywhere between one cent and $10.

Next, you must decide how many lines you are going to play. A multi-reel slot like this allows you to bet on more than just the centre line: there are 25 in total that you can activate. You will have to add an additional coin to your bet for every line you add, but extra lines means extra chances to win.

Then spin the reels, and see what happens when they come to rest.

Farm Equipment

Most of the lower payout symbols are comprised of icons representing high playing cards - something of a tradition in this kind of game. You'll find the nine through the ace here, with a maximum payout of 150 coins.

Then we headed to the actual farming theme, and the winning potential increases. Both Eggs and Tractors are worth 250 coins. The Farmhouse is worth 500 coin, and the Grumpy Old Farmer with his shotgun is worth 1,250 coins.

The top winning symbol is the Scarecrow, which is worth 5,000 coins (potentially $50,000 at maximum bet). The Scarecrow is also a Wild symbol, and can be plugged into other groups of symbols to complete winning pay lines.

Funky Bonuses

This game's bonus feature is triggered when at least three Funky Chickens appear anywhere on the reels: they don't need to line up in any way. When this happens, the game's free spins feature kicks in.

You are awarded 15 free spins of the reels, with all of your winnings multiplied. When the Funky Chicken announces this award, he tells you what your multiplier will be - and it can be anything up to 15x!