Casino Bonuses

If you are not aware of it yet, all online casinos for USA players provide their players with casino bonuses for free. Bonuses are of great advantage to all players, especially since it will simply just add to your bankroll for free. With this in mind, you should always check all your options for casinos online before playing there, in regards to those that will provide you with higher bonuses for free – and/or play at various casinos and earn all their free bonuses. This is definitely a goal, but researching and looking through all casinos will take plenty of your valuable time, for which you can avoid by simply reviewing our already thorough research here, for the best casinos for US players online, most secure, best service and quality, and of course, with some of the best casino bonuses for their players and loyal base too.

You might think we are talking about just one bonus per casino, however, each gaming site provides you with various bonuses, such as initial deposit bonuses, re-deposit bonuses, match bonuses, loyalty and game-play bonuses, promotions, and so forwards; definitely better than offline casinos, which only provide you with free drinks if anything, and VIP status only if you spend a hefty amount.

Welcome Deposit Bonus

Welcome deposit bonuses are bonuses awarded to you by simply registering a gaming account, which is of course free to register. There are however two different welcome bonuses, a no-deposit bonus and an initial deposit bonus.

No-Deposit Bonus: the no-deposit bonus is as it sounds. You will receive a free bonus by simply registering to the casino. This bonus is a rare one, but can be located at times with the use of bonus codes, however, as mentioned, they are rare given the unfortunate fact of their being hundreds of abusers and fraudulent groups taking advantage of this gift.

Initial Deposit Bonus: the initial deposit bonus is a welcome bonus where you will receive a % of your total first deposit for free. The standard is 100% of your first deposit amount, such as 100% up to $x,xxx amount. The key here is to deposit as much as possible in order to receive the highest amount of free bonus.

Re-Deposit Bonus

The re-deposit bonus is given when you make your 2nd deposit. Not all casinos provide this, and depending on the casino, they might offer several re-deposit bonuses up to your 5th deposit or even more. In some cases each re-deposit might only give out a portion with tier levels, sometimes higher or less than the first deposit, but that aside, it will add-up to a huge casino bonus for free. Once again, the key here is to deposit as much as possible to earn the higher % of bonus.

Match Bonus

The match bonus usually refers to random bonuses where the casino will give our limited time offers to deposit a certain amount and receive the same amount of cash (bonus) free for it. In some cases it might be just a portion of your deposit, similar to the initial deposit bonus, but with the difference of it being offered at random occasions and usually for limited time offers.

Loyalty and Game-Play bonuses

These bonuses refer to casinos showing their appreciation towards your game play. These could be seen as comps, rewards for your loyalty as well as VIP status. Hence, there is the level of years at the casino as an active player, where you will then receive birthday cash, random free bonuses, etc. Likewise, there is the level of game play or VIP status, where they will see the amount gambled throughout your casino lifespan, in which you will receive free cash for it, as well as additional VIP treatment, same as any offline casino (plus the free cash which they do not provide); these include trips, packages, merchandise and a whole lot more.


Each USA online casino provides you with seasonal and monthly promotions too, such as St. Patrick’s day promotions, St. Valentines, Christmas, or other random ones not having to do with a specific holiday, such as leaderboards, or many others – you will have to review the casino you join and their promotions section.


Lastly, you should consider the rollover requirements, but what is a rollover requirement? A rollover requirement is an gambling amount needed in order to clear the free cash bonus amount from your account, being able to withdraw it as actual cash and/or winnings. Casinos will have different rollover amounts according to the specific games, but for sake of an example, if you see a rollover of 3x, and you received a free cash bonus of $100, then that means you will need to wager a cumulative amount, or handle, of $300 to be able to withdraw that bonus amount as cash. You can either gamble $300 right off the bat, or in cumulative amounts, such as $30 here, $50 there, $20 here, and so forwards.

With these in mind, we hope you enjoy all the online casinos for USA players that we recommend and their casino bonuses provided there. As a final addition, there are special bonuses that are provided via partnered sites, such as ours, in which you will be eligible for them by simply clicking through our links. Best of luck at the tables and slots, and we hope you enjoy your bonuses and winnings!