Casino comps

Casino comps will be a word, or phrase, that you will hear and read a lot within the gambling world, and within your online casino site, one which you will come to love once you understand what casino comps are.

What are casino comps? Quite simply, casino comps are rewards and gifts that the casinos will give to you thanks to your loyalty and points accumulated – or in other words, your casino handle (the total amount wagered on your casino lifetime with them – the specific site you play at for real money). So, these are gifts in many different formats; they could be free cash, free credits to keep on playing and earning, invitations to exclusive casino games and / or tournaments, merchandise from t-shirts, pants, sunglasses, computers and more, to packages and VIP treatment to offline events and locations. For instance, you could earn trip, round-trip, fully expensed for you and your family or special someone, with full VIP treatment: limo service, first class airfare, suite hotel rooms, activities that usually range within the hundreds of dollars per person to experience, such as air balloon trip, Nascar racing, and much more! Basically, it is your chance at a free, VIP trip. Odds are, you could probably spend your own money on this without the need of the casino, however, the perk here is that casinos usually have personal professionals to arranging all this. Making the experience so much more memorable and playboy style. An arrangement which you will not have to worry about, which is free of charge, and regardless of who you are, free is always better, and an arrangement of the entire trip which could spend hours of your time, thus your money (time equals money), and of which some stuff might be tough to come upon or organize.

Comps different for Online and Offline

The basic difference in the comps you get at offline casinos to online casinos is the quantity and the gifts. For instance, offline casinos will utilize their already available resources to make it look like they are going out of their way to make your loyalty more recognizable. First off, you will need to acquire one of their free membership cards to accumulate points at each game and table stand. Without the card, the points will not be recorded and it will be like you never played. Unfortunately, these cards do have an expiry date on the points – like air miles, you will need to play often to extend that expiration date. Additionally, having this card allows them to check up on your habits, as you can also earn from eating out or shopping within their mall area, so you are giving them more information that one usually is comfortable with, but whatever.

Once all this is done, they will provide you with easy to acquire gifts (for them), such as a room upgrade, limo service, going through the VIP line for the taxi line and clubs, as well as free breakfast, and free tickets to any of their night shows and entertainment activities for the family. They are fun of course, but once again, because their overhead is so high, they limit their amount of gifts and prizes to you, while you can earn so much more from the online casinos. Unlike offline casinos, online casinos will provide you with cash credit, VIP packages as mentioned above, entry to exclusive tournaments and promotions, awesome merchandise, and a whole lot more – such as daily casino bonuses or a match bonus on every single deposit you make, as oppose to only your first or second deposit; thus, if you add all that up, in addition to your potential winnings, you will be gaining so much more from these casino comps when acquired from online casinos.

Normally you are automatically entered into the rewards and comps program with online casinos, another advantage over the offline ones, especially since the information provided to these casinos will be less, keeping some of your privacy intact, but, in some circumstances, some casinos might require you to elect to join the program. This is extremely rare, but best to be safe than sorry, and who knows, by inquiring further about it you might stumble upon additional potential perks and prizes, or have their customer service add you to an even higher tier level instead of starting from the very beginning. Try it, you have nothing to lose, and tons of casino comps to gain!

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